Roy Oswalt 2012 Free Agent

In my last post I talked about how sabermetrics affects everyday starters and I used New York Mets shortstop Jose Reyes as an example. Lets now look how general managers use sabermetrics on starting pitchers.

One of the Philadelphia Phillies “fab four” pitchers, Roy Oswalt, will become a free agent after this season. Unlike everyday players, pitchers do not have a variety of stats that scouts look at. However, two of the more popular ones are WHIP and BABIP.

WHIP stand for walks and hits per inning. The lower the number is, the better the pitcher.

BABIP or batting average on balls in play, refers to the percentage of plate appearances in which at the end of the play the batter is credited with a hit. The average BABIP is around .300. Oswalt’s projection for the 2011 season is .297.

Roy Oswalt

Roy Oswalt, pitcher for Philadelphia Phillies

Sabermetrics projected that Oswalt will have a 1.18 WHIP with seven strikeout per nine innings. His strikeout total for the season is 176. Oswalt’s win-loss projection for 2011 is 15-9 in 221 innings pitched.

Oswalt turns 34 in Aug. and there will be the usual teams bidding on him this winter. Expect the New York Yankees and the Phillies to be amongst the teams interested in his services. My prediction is that Oswalt will wind up with the Yankees on a 4-year/$28 million contract with $5 million in achievable incentives.

To view all of Oswalt’s sabermetrics stats, click here.

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